About Us

Vision & Mission


To become a pioneer of international scale transportation infrastructure companies.


  • Develop reliable and competent company human resources
  • Doing IT-based innovation in business processes
  • Creating an environmentally friendly transportation system
  • Expanding efficient transportation networks
  • Contribute to improving welfare for the community


We implement and realize the AKHLAK value for Indonesia


Hold fast to the trust given


Continue to learn and develop capabilities


 Mutual care and respect for differences


Dedicate and prioritize the interests of the Nation and the Nation


Continue to innovate and be enthusiastic in moving or facing change


Build synergistic cooperation

PT. Celebes Railway Indonesia (PT. CRI)

Established on February 6, 2019, in the form of a limited liability company with shares owned by 4 companies (ownership structure: PT PP 45%, PT Bumi Karsa 22.5%, PT CCCEI 22.5%, PT Iroda Mitra 10%).

PT. CRI has a scope of activities including the construction of infrastructure for segment F of the Makassar Parepare Railway, operation and maintenance (O & M) of infrastructure for segments B, C, D, and the Makassar – Parepare tract phase with a government cooperation scheme, between the ministry of transportation and PT CRI.

Legal Basis of Establishment

Letter of determination of auction winner No. PL.104/B.2/DJKA/II/19

Regarding the determination of the auction winner (Letter of Award) for the procurement of Makassar-Parepare Public Railways Implementing Business Entity with the PPP scheme, which was followed by a cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Transportation and PT celebes railway Indonesia regarding the implementation of Makassar-Parepare public railway infrastructure with the Government-Agency Cooperation scheme Business (PPP) No: HK.201/A.250/DJKA/IV/19



Anshari Saad Bakkidu

Born in Rappang, on 29-09-1956 as President Commissioner 

Tauhid Kurniawan

Born in Ponorogo, on 07-09-1978 as Commissioner

Titin Sutriani Syukur

Born in Ujung Padang, on 20-08-1969 as Commissioner

Primabodo Trisaksono

Born in Solo, on 08-02-1965 as Commissioner


Helmi Adam

Born in Pasuruan, on 15-08-1982 as the President Director

Jatmiko Murdiono

Born in Denpasar, on 06-06-1984 as Director of Finance and Human Capital Management

Natsir Mardan

Born in Makassar, on 08-06-1963 as Technical Director

Rosa Bovanantoo

Born in Bandung, on 07-08-1965 as Director of Operation and Maintenance

Organizational Structure